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Early Discovery Of Your Purpose For living


Purpose is defined as the reason, for which something is done, made, created or exists. Purpose is the reason why we exist on the planet earth. You as a teenager should know the reason why you exist and also know your mission on earth. As a teenager that wants to make a difference, you should not limit your purpose and aim to that of an average teenager who only thinks that his reason for existence is just to go to school, have good grades, get a job, get married, make money, give birth to children, get old and die. These are for the average teenagers. But you as a purposeful teenager need to know why you exist.

You can discover your purpose through the following ways:

Knowing God- you have to know God by establishing a close relationship with him and also by walking in his statutes. Talking with God (prayer) helps. Prayer is a vital key that we need in unleashing our purpose or destiny. You need to have an encounter with God. It is your encounter with God that will make your purpose and destiny come to perfection.

It was the encounter Moses had with God on Mount Horeb that unleashed Moses’ purpose and destiny (Exodus 3). Practically, if new machinery is invented, you cannot put it to use until you have the Manual, or the inventor reveals its usage. Knowing God is the foundation of knowing the purpose of your existence.

Being observant- know and listen to what others are honestly saying about you. When someone comments about one of your talents, take note. God can as well use others to talk to you. Whenever your parents, friends or peers make any comment that agree with your passion or internal conviction; acknowledge it, dwell in it and endeavor to improve your capabilities in that area.

Watch your strengths- know what makes you different from others. This can also be the purpose for your existence. You can be good at writing, singing, acting and communicating well; all these capabilities can also be the road to where God is directing you.

Check if you are a good thinker, listener or a person that motivates others to action through your words and so on. List out your strengths; think and learn of how to use them to serve.  Your gift and potentials are in you to save others and liberate them and also lead them to their Maker and Savior.

Make a difference- be someone who does not follow the crowd. Be driven by the vision of relevance beyond time. If you have this aim you would not get lost among the crowd and the vicissitudes of life. Just like the biblical Daniel and company (Daniel 1, 2, 3, 4).

Be submissive- do not be a person that focuses on yourself, thinking you are self made. There is actually nothing like that: no man is an Island. Until you recognize that you are nothing and have nothing apart from God, you will be leaving in sheer arrogance, and that is dangerous! 
In conclusion, your manifestation can lead to the emancipation of many. Have it in mind that your living at these contemporary times is not accidental.” Long before you were conceived by your parents, you were conceived in the mind of God”; Rick Warren opined in his book Purpose Driven Life.

Why don’t you apply these and discover your purpose as a teenager.