By Chizaram Iheanetu 

I’m reminded of one unforgettable incident that happened when I was a kid. We were out in the street playing football when one of us mistakenly unearthed a snake!

 The snake impulsively chased after the poor kid a short distance before someone mustered the courage to stone it to death. The incident was to be engraved in my memory for a long time. 

Recently, I read an article on with a caption: “There Are No Snakes In New Zealand”. Hmmm… That’s a pretty bold claim I thought. I had to read the rest of the article to find out more.

 The reason that is true is simple: New Zealand is so far out in the ocean that snakes simply can’t travel that long in water to get to it!

Wow! Psalm 103:12 tells us something similar “As far as the East is from the West, So far has He removed our transgressions from us”. Simply put, our sins and mistakes at salvation are taken so far away from us that they simply can’t find us anymore! Hallelujah! No ugliness or repercussion can travel that far into the overwhelming love of Christ.

 God has made this mystery possible for us to experience. He is only waiting on us to accept this free gift. Receive the wisdom to accept today.