I woke up one morning with this song ‘More than Gold’ by Judikay and I couldn’t help but reflect on those three words.
We all have that one thing that is the object of our pursuit; that thing that consciously or unconsciously we are living for. Why do we make plans, strive to succeed against the odds, work at being better on our beats etc? What’s our driving force? And why do we even drive ourselves to the limits? Truth is most people can’t truly answer these questions; not because the questions don’t have answers but because they never have given them a thought. Like Robert Kiyosaki says in his book ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ we are involved in the rat race. We wake up, go about our business/career, make money, spend it and start the process over again. And it continues…
Not like that is bad in itself but I think we should be more deliberate about life instead of flowing with the tides. But then I realise that whether we accept it or not there is that object of accomplishment in everyone which we all strive to achieve.(and I choose to call that our ‘gold’ in the context of this write-up). It keeps us glued to the motions we presume should produce that ultimate satisfaction of “hitting our ‘gold’”..
But have you paused to ponder if your ‘gold’ is worth all the sacrifices you put into its pursuit? The relationships you forgo, the principles you break, the corners you cut and the shortcuts you take to achieve it? If your answer is in the affirmative, kudos to you. But if not, it’s not late to reappraise yourself and your priorities and align your desires and pursuits accordingly.
That cleared, I come to the crux of this write-up: what is your ‘More than Gold’? That thing that stands tall above all others?
For most, their ‘more than gold’ is wealth. They will do anything just to ‘make it’ in life. They are willing to sacrifice their values, principles; relationships (with God and man) just to be counted among the crème de la crème of the society. For some others their ‘more than gold’ is to get married! They have achieved some level of success and now all that matters to them is to ‘settle down’ either by hook or by crook. There are still others whose ‘more than gold’ is to get to the pinnacle of their career. They will give anything just to be at the top of their organization. That’s all they are living for; wealth, fame or success. Whatever you give the entirety or majority of yourself to is your ‘more than gold’.
I don’t know which category you fall into but can you pause and ponder if all these pursuits are really worth more than gold? Solomon the richest man that ever lived had it all: money, fame, women, success but ended up saying it’s all vanity! All these pursuit for wealth, fame and name is not worth ‘more than gold’ after all. When you die you don’t go with any so what’s the essence anyway?
He realized that the greatest ‘more than gold’ is a life with Jesus Christ. He brings meaning to your life, gives you a reason to live beyond just this physical realm. You’ll still go about your business, career, academics, marriage etc but with a difference. You realise that it’s not worth sacrificing your values and principles for those things.
There is more to you than just being wealthy and successful by human standards. Define your ‘more than gold’. There is nothing wrong in being wealthy and successful but that shouldn’t be your ‘more than gold’, such that you will do anything and everything to achieve those.
Learn from history; you read of rich people who still didn’t attain peace with all their wealth, fame and success. Why would you want to tow the same path? Jesus says seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.
Why won’t I rather seek Jesus Christ since in Him is every ounce of ‘gold’ I will ever need? If all I have got is Jesus, I’ve got something more than gold and I’ll tell it to the world that Jesus is more than gold!
But if all you’ve got is wealth, fame and riches; you’ve got nothing! These things can get eroded in minutes. One single wrong decision or upturn in the economy and all is gone. It took just an ‘iceberg’ to permanently ‘erase’ The Titanic (someone’s more than gold) which they said even God couldn’t sink! The same God who sank the whole world with a flood! (Actually they were right somehow because The Titanic was too small for God to sink; it took just one of His creation to do the job!)

The ultimate question then is what is your more than gold? And is it truly worth more than gold?